News 6/8/13 

 Assemblage 23 Announces New Side-Project Surveillance

I'm happy to announce a new side-project called Surveillance.  Surveillance will feature a darker, edgier, harder sound than A23 and I'm hoping to get the full album out in October.  That's where you come in!  I've started an Indiegogo campaign with a bunch of great perks to raise money for the project.  Download the free track below, entitled "Rise", and if you like what you hear, consider chipping into the campaign and reserving your copy!

Dates for Triton Festival Changed
A slight change to the dates of the Triton Festival in NYC this fall.  Originally scheduled for Friday, September 6th-Sunday, September 8th, everything has been moved a day earlier, so it now runs from Thursday, September 5th through Saturday, September 7th.  Assemblage 23 will be performing on Thursday.  For tickets and more info, please visit the Triton Festival website . 

Terminus Festival Just Around the Corner!
Hope to see lots of you at the Terminus Festival in Calgary in few weeks!  Among a bunch of other songs, we'll be playing "Darkflow" live for the first time due to popular demand.

Black Military Style Caps Back in Stock
The black, military-style Assemblage 23 caps are back in stock on the Assemblage 23 Online Store.

News 4/17/13 

 Thanks to All Who Helped!
I wanted to extend a huge thanks to everyone who bought something or donated during the Help Tom Get a New Laptop sale.  It was a big success and I am typiing this from the replacement laptop as we speak.  So thank you!  You guys rock.

Tom Shear DJ Set in Seattle, May 3rd
Yours truly will be doing a DJ set as part of the Mercury's GASP event on May 3rd.  Admission is $7 for members, and $10 for guests.  Hope to see lots of you there!

Assemblage 23 Added to Triton Festival Line-Up
Assemblage 23 will be performing at the Triton Festival in NYC at Irving Plaza the weekend of September 6, 7, and 8.

Tom Shear Releases Soundset for Arturia's SEM-V Synthesizer
I recently released a sound-set for Arturia's excellent Oberheim SEM-V softsynth through my company Waveformless Soundware.  128 patches for only $9.99!  Please note, you MUST own Arturia's SEM-V to use these sounds.

Selling My Korg MS-20ic

I'm selling my Korg MS-20ic on eBay if anyone is looking for one.  Pretty much perfect condition.

News 3/4/13 

 The "Help Tom Get a New Laptop" Sale!

A few weeks ago when I was preparing for my gigs in Arizona, I did something most of us have probably done at least once. I reached for a glass of water sitting next to my laptop, and instead ended up spilling it. Only about a thimble full hit my laptop, but as luck would have it, those few drops hit the fan which then spread the liquid damage to every square inch of the interior. Although frustrated, I decided I'd use the money from the Arizona gigs to get a replacement when I returned. As luck would have it, immediately upon my return, our oldest cat required surgery and the bill just happened to add up to the almost the exact cost it would have been to replace my laptop. "Tom, you whiny little girl, what does this have to do with ME?" I hear you saying?

What it means for you is I'm having a sale on the Assemblage 23 Online Store ( for the entire month of March to help raise the funds! Here is what's on sale:

• Assemblage 23 Ultimate Fan Set - $95 (regularly $100)

• Assemblage 23 Gold Fan Pack - $75 (regularly $80)

• 23db Fan Pack - $40 (regularly $45)

• Contempt, Failure, Defiance, Storm, Meta, Compass, or Bruise CDs - $12.99 (regularly $13.99)

• Assemblage 23 US Tour 2012 Tee - $10.99 (regularly $15.99)

• Assemblage 23 Aussie Baby Tee - $10.99 (regularly $15.99)

• Assemblage 23 "Bruise" Hoodie - $30.99 (regularly $39.99)

Get a Free Remix from Assemblage 23

Hey gang, check this out! Jumberlack and the Cobra is none other than Charles from Angeltheory and Matt from Microfilm (and Charles live keyboardist on the tour we did together). This is a free EP with remixes of a cover of the Depeche Mode classic "Photographic", including one by yours truly....

News 2/6/13 

 Upcoming Live Show and DJ Gig
A couple live appearances to tell you about coming up shortly in Arizona.  The first will be at day two of Fetish Revolution 2013 in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, February 9th. The event is 18+ with tickets costing $10 in advance or $15 at the door.  Doors are 8 PM.  More information can be found here.  Then, a week later on Saturday, February 16th, I'll be doing a DJ set in Tucson, AZ at the Surly Wench as part of their Love Hurts: A Vampire Themed Dance Party event.  21+.    More info here.  Hope to see lots of you out for both events!  It's going to be a blast!

Assemblage 23 Added to Line-up of the Terminus Festival
Calgary, Alberta's Terminus Festival has a pretty awesome line-up this year, and I'm happy to say that Assemblage 23 will be part of it.  The two-day festival will be held at Dicken's Pub from June 28-29.  For the full line-up and more info, check here.

EBM Party with Assemblage 23 Spotlight in Toronto
If you're an Assemblage 23 fan in the Toronto area, check out the EBM Party @ Nocturne on March 9th with DJ Lazarus. The event will feature a ton of great EBM, Electro-industrial, and Future Pop with a special focus on Assemblage 23 throughout the years. For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

New Project from Assemblage 23 Live Keyboardist Paul Seegers
Thy Fearful Symmetry is the new dream-pop/post-punk project from Assemblage 23 live keyboardist Paul Seegers with Tim Villalba. The band is heavily influenced by The Cure, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and the like. You can check out their first digital single, a cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" on their Bandcamp Page.  A full-lenth album will follow.

News 12/21/12 

 The Obligatory End of the Year 'Thank You' Post
Once again, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped make 2012 such an exciting year for Assemblage 23  Thanks espcially to everyone who bought "Bruise" and helped make it one of A23's most well-recieved releases so far.  In support of the album, we did a bunch of touring borh in Europe and in the States and got to meet lots of new and old fans alike.  The live shows this year were also special because we added drummer Mike Jenney to our live line-up.  And now, right before year's end, we have Assemblage 23's first ever vinyl release, "The Vinyl Sessions".  Not a bad way to wrap up the year.  So thank you, everyone who has helped spread the word about A23, turned their friends on to us, came to see us live, bought albums or merch... for everything, really.  You're the reason I've been able to keep doing what I'm doing and that is something I am thankful for every day.  Here's hoping 2013 holds even more surprises!

Assemblage 23 "The Vinyl Sessions" Released
This past Tuesday, Metropolis Records released A23's first ever vinyl release, entitled "The Vinyl Sessions".  In addition to two remixes with newly recorded vocals, the album consists of tracks taken from each album, all given a brand new mix from the floor up.  All copies ship with a special download card for a digital copy of the album as well.  Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a copy through The Assemblage 23 Online Store.  I had hoped to get these shipped tomorrow, but the blizzards in the midwest have held the package up in shipping and it has not arrived yet.  So, it looks like I'll have a little project waiting for me when the holidays are over.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but this was obviously out of my control.  One day I'll learn to control the weather, but that day hasn't arrived as of yet.

Assemblage 23 Online Store Back Online - Free Shipping Until the End of the Year
The Assemblage 23 Online Store is back online after being de-activated during our US tour.  It took me a bit longer to get it back up and running as there was some question of my credit card processor going out of business, but that issue is resolved and everything is back online with lots of new items.  We're a bit low on some items because of the tour, but we have placed restock orders and should have a fuller selection soon.  In the meantime, I'm offering free shipping on all orders placed through the store until January 31st.  Nobody gets what they want at Christmas, so buy yourself something nice after the holidays!

First Live Show of the New Year Announced
Even though we only recently finished our US tour, we already have some live dates lining up for lucky 2013.  The first of these will be in Phoenix, AZ on February 9th at 910 Live.  More details will follow, but for the time being, here is the Facebook event page.  I am also working on booking a DJ date in Tucson around the same time.  

News 9/27/12 

 New Orleans Show Cancelled
As we prepare to leave for our US tour tomorrow, we have one final tour date change to announce.  The show in New Orleans has been cancelled due to venue issues.  We regret this immensely, but the situation was out of our control.

News 9/21/12 

 Tour Updates: A Cancellation, and Some Additions
It's hard to believe, but the Assemblage 23 US Tour begins a week from today.  We're amped up and ready to hit the road, but some changes to the schedule first.  First, we regret to announce that the El Paso has been cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control.  Fortunately, we've added some shows as well.  The first of these is not an A23 show per se, but yours truly doing a DJ set at Ft. Lauderdale's Green Room on Friday, October 19th.  The second addition is Assemblage 23's first ever performance in Honolulu, Hawaii @ the Soho Mixed Media Bar on Friday, November 23rd.  We hope everyone is getting as excited as we are for this tour and hope to see lots of familiar faces and some newones as well.

News 9/3/12 

 US Tour Dates and Info
As you've no doubt already noticed, I've announced the dates for our upcoming US tour.  We will be bring along the best band you haven't heard yet, Espermachine, as support.  In addition to the regular dates, we'll also be doing a very special show in Los Angeles on October 6th where we will perform the entire "Failure" album from start to finish.  I've given all the tracks a fresh mix, so they sound better than ever and many of these songs are ones we've never performed live before!  Our new drummer, Mike Jenney, will be joining us for the leg of the tour from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA.  The dates that follow that A23 will be performing as a duo.  Of course we will have lots of cool merch and CDs with us.  Hope to see you all there!

Assemblage 23 Completes Remix for Front Line Assembly
I had the privilege recently to remix one of the bands that got me into this kind of music, none other than Front Line Assembly.  My remix of "Hostage" will be appearing on an upcoming compilation.  More news on that when it's announced.

Fan Remixes Uploaded
First, let me apologize for taking so long to do so, but I finally have uploaded the fan remixes I've received so far.  If you've submitted a remix, but don't see it uploaded, it' because you made the track only visible to me, thus making it unshareable.  Make your remix shareable to everyone, and I'll add it.  Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  Some truly cool remixes!  

Free Shipping from the Assemblage 23 Online Store Until the Tour!
As you might have guessed, the Assemblage 23 Online Store will be offline from approximately 9/26/12 to 11/17/12 while we are on tour.  To help make way for some of the new inventory, I'm offering free shipping on all orders placed between now and then.  No matter how much merch you order, or where you live in the world, shipping costs you nothing!  Note that when you initially place your order, the shipping charge will show up on your confirmation, but this amount will be subtracted when the item actually ships and your card is charged.

Exclusive Shirt Designs from Blackline Licensing
I mentioned awhile back that I had signed a licensing deal with Mexico-based Blackline Licensing to design and sell shirts, and they're available now for sale via their Facebook Storefront.  Check it out!

News 7/8/12 

 European Mini-Tour About to Launch
Assemblage 23 is getting ready to start our mini-tour of Europe.  In addition to being your first chance to hear the new songs live, this will also be our first tour with new drummer Mike Jenney.  Live dates can be found to the right.  We are in the middle of booking our US tour for the October/November timeframe and will list those dates when everything is finalized.  Hope to see lots of you out on the road!

Assemblage 23 Online Store During the Tour
Just a note to let everyone know that the Assemblage 23 Online Store will still be accepting orders during our 2 weeks in Europe, but any orders placed during this time will not ship until I return on July 22nd.

Fantastic  Response for "Bruise"
Thanks are in order to all you wonderful A23 fans.  I have been completely overwhelmed by the wonderful response "Bruise" has been getting so far.  In addition to hitting the top ten on both Amazon and iTune's Electronic Sales Charts, it hit #1 on both the Deutsche Alternative Charts and European Alternative Charts.  We even cracked the German Media Control Charts for the first time ever!  Both Dark Belarus and Razgrom have also both declared "Bruise" their Album of the Month.  And if that wasn't enough, the reviews have been better than I ever could've expected.  So thank you very, very much!

Tom Shear Completes Mix-Downs and Remix for Caustic
Yours truly has finished mixing down two tracks for the next Caustic album, as well as completing a remix of one of the songs.  Caustic's Matt Fanale has really upped his game on this new material.  I think his fans are going to be really impressed.

Assemblage 23 Remix of Polaroid Kiss' "Pay Your Dues" Available
A short time ago, I did a remix for Polaroid Kiss, an excellent new project with contributions from ex-members of the Cure, Placebo, Kent, and Union of Knives.  The mix along with many others is now available from the band's Bandcamp site both digitally and as a limited CD single.  Check it out!

Assemblage 23 Completes Remix for Sagitario
I recently completed a remix for Argentinian band Sagitario, as well as mixes for Noir and A Brilliant Massacre.

Assemblage 23 Inks Merch Deal for Mexican Market
I recently signed a licensing deal with Mexico's Blackline Licensing to produce exclusive t-shirts for Mexico and North America.  These shirts will be completely different designs from the one available through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  I'll post an update once the shirts are available.

News 5/31/12 

 "Bruise" Pre-orders Shipping Now!
I have begun shipping out pre-orders placed for "Bruise" in the Assemblage 23 Online Store, so if you ordered early, you'll recieve your CD a bit ahead of the release date.  Please note that if you order included the Espermachine CD, we have not received that shipment yet, so your order will ship without the Espermachine CD and I will mail out the Espermachine CD's separately at my own expense so you don't have to wait for your A23 swag!  Also, please note that I am only one person and have a ton of pre-orders to fill, many of which need to be signed.  So please be patient.  It's going to take me awhile to fill all of these, but I should still get them all filled well ahead of the release date.  Haven't ordered yet?  What are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Assemblage 23 Online Store and place your order today!

Meet Me at Seattle Release Party for "Bruise"
If you're in Seattle, please come join us for the release party for "Bruise"  on Friday, June 15th at the Mercury.  I'll be there all night and will have some CDs with me if you wish to buy a copy, and will be happy to sign copies, meet fans, and raise hell.  There will also be giveaways throughout the night.  Please note that the Mercury is a member-only club, so if you're not a member, you'll need to find a member to guest you in.  If you don't know a member, check out the Facebook event page for the event and post something and you can probably find someone who will guest you in.  Cover is $5 and doors are 9PM.

"Bruise" Recieves a 9.5 out of 10 in First Review
Dark Belarus is the first site to review the new Assemblage 23 album and I'm pleased to say it's an overwhelmingly positive one.  You can check out a rough translation of the review here.

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