Addendum Lyrics


Let Me Be Your Armor

Let me take the fall
Let me take the blame
Let me carry you from hell
To home again.

Let me walk for you
When your legs are weak
Let me find the words for you
When you can't speak

Let me be your armor
Let me be your shield
Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor)
Let me be the light
That guides your way through darkest night
Let me be your armor.

Let me take the blows
That were meant for you
Let me help you the trials
You're going through

Let me keep you safe
From the world outside
Let me wipe away the tears
That fill your eyes


Let me keep you from
Experience you need
Let me bind you with my selfishness
And greed

Let me stifle you
Let me have control
Let me smother
Every aspect of your soul


Breath of Ghosts

I hear the breath of ghosts
Hiding behind the wind
Like an icy choir exhaling
A promise to rescind

I hear the breath of ghosts
Escaping from their lungs
Calling forth the names of those
That took away their tongues

A temporary permanence
A fortress of onionskin
With motives so transparent
With no means to an end

I feel the breath of ghosts
Like fingers on my skin
Tracing senseless patterns
Revealing nothing in the end

I hear the breath of ghosts
Whisper in my ear
With every drooling syllable
It preys upon my fear


I hear the breath of ghosts
Blowing through the trees
Hissing out a warning
Awash with its disease

I hear the breath of ghosts
Slowly fade away
With ever decreasing frequency
As colors change to gray


The Drowning Season

Disjointed context
The words were merely sounds
Watching as the buildings
Slowly crumbled to the ground
Thoughts never rendered
Lie dying by the road
Last breath drawn endlessly
Collapsing into smoke

Struggling to break free
From life's inequities
The suicide of reason
Becomes the drowning season

Grim repetition
Dour features form a frown
The clock's hand reverberates
Throughout the empty town

Oxidizing the past
The present is uncertain
The future never lasts
The present is uncertain
The future never lasts

Pre-emptive reflex
Split second sanctity
Repeating prayers that somehow
Never got received.



Concentric circles
Forever closing in
Another travesty
That never should have been

The latest entry
On an ever-growing list
And yet you never change your ways
Your denial still persists

Run away, run away
Run away from the setting sun
Run away, run away
Run away from the things you've done

With accusing fingers
You jut into the air
To single out the ones
You blame for your despair

But the mirror's broken
No reflection can it afford
Only scattered glances
Of its pieces on the floor


The ground beneath you
Will crumble into dust
The breath that forms your words
Will never fill your lungs

And as your senses dull
A thought enters your mind
"I'm that one who caused all this
there was no one else this time"