Binary Maxi-single Lyrics



Monochromatic reasoning
A divide and conquer legacy
Dissect and over-simplify
All hail the death of compromise

The world isn't rendered in black and white
Other shades lie between
Don't view the world with binary eyes
We are human, not machine

Eliminate the critical
When it all becomes too difficult
Ignore the layers of subtlety
Force feed them full of your beliefs


Some day when we all awake
From the dreams we dreamt for country's sake
The logic you let come undone
Is the noose that you'll be hanging from



Aghast amidst the grim procession
Of hateful traits in your possession
And there's nowhere to hide when the waves come crashing in (x2)

The silence hums behind your eyes
A veil that shields you from your lies
But when the truth rains down, it'll drown you like a flood (x2)

Enough is enough is too much and it's getting old
You keep looking for reasons you're stuck out in the cold
You're tainted by the company you keep
You're lower than the dirt beneath my feet

The pretense is the provocation
That drives need for retaliation
Destiny is not your friend tonight (x2)

And now you find yourself alone
Where you must reap what you have sown
You brought this bitter harvest on yourself (x2)


Fluorescent Skies

I'm awakened by the sound
Of rain against my window
It's getting harder to ignore
But these tired eyes need rest

Scattered light through broken windows
Far beneath fluorescent skies
Voices calling from a distance
So why am I still standing here?

The tense, electric hum abides
The wires meant to contain it
Until it arcs through angry skies
That look down with contempt


Rivers overflow their banks
And change their course forever
Force their will upon the earth
And wash it all away