Bruise Lyrics


Open up
Transmit to all receivers
Woe to the disbelievers
We create the truth

Spinning lies to fool’s gold
Believe what you’ve been told
With or without proof

Word like orphans lost among the crosstalk
Meaning torn from truth’s decrepit hands
Propaganda packaged for the masses
Pure disinformation on demand

Be afraid
Just like some panicked insect
Only we can protect
You from certain doom

Live in fear
With no real understanding
Of what you’re demanding
You are not immune


Tell a lie
Enough and it becomes fact
If only in the abstract
Still, the job is done

Full control
No need to fire a weapon
Just make them feel threatened
And you’ve already won


The Last Mistake

I haven’t seen you in so long
And I think that’s wrong
And I think that’s wrong

This problem needs to be addressed
It’s really for the best
It’s really for the best

We’ll be a family again
No one to steal you from my grasp
They’ll bury you right next to me
We’ll be together at long last

If I can’t have you, then nobody can
I hope you understand
I hope you understand

I have your interests in my heart
Never to be apart
Never to be apart


The last mistake you ever made
Was trusting me
Was trusting me

Now close your eyes, my precious child
And I will set you free
I will set you free.


Over & Out

A proud, indignant
You think it’s funny
I disagree

Beyond a doubt
It’s doing us in
Over and out

Nature or nurture
It doesn’t matter
What you believe

The world’s devolving
A mental drought
Run for the exit
Over and out

Dull, listless eyes stare ever blankly
Nothing behind them ever stirs
The world outside is burning coldly
We never noticed it at all

Recursive copies
Each one degrades
We bleed together
The image fades

Ready reduction
To bring about
Our own destruction
Over and out

A barren future
A damaged road
That leads to nowhere
An error code

Like squinting primates
With furrowed brows
We made our own end
Over and out


The Noise Inside My Head

It’s 3AM
And I am laying wide-awake
And I can’t sleep for the noise inside my head

The world vibrating
With a cruel cacophony
Flooded with the thoughts my mind has bled

The restless furor
Of a thousand racing thoughts
Swarms around me like a vulture circles prey

In the darkness
No one else can hear a sound
But I am deafened by this ceaseless disarray

I could scream myself to sleep
If it would shatter the illusion
But I can’t give in to this
It’s the noise that makes me human

Waking life
Like a movie on a screen
Running backwards as the film starts to unthread

A wall of violence
Bounding forward through the peace
With no regard for what might lie ahead

An infestation
Of arbitrary thought
Washes over me in paralyzing waves

My defenses
Battered by the driving storm
Isolated – waiting to be saved


It’s much too late
And I am slowly losing ground
A prisoner to the noise inside my head

I am trapped within myself
Held captive by a tide that never ebbs



When the door’s always closed
Isolation imposed
I try the best I can

But the gulf is too wide
And I can’t stand astride
Such a gigantic span


This impossible distance
Obscures my existence
Like fog hugging autumn shores

And it’s building inside
With each wound to my pride
I can’t take this anymore

I’m standing right here
I’ve not disappeared
And yet you look right through me

Do I not exist?
A presence unmissed
An unseen identity

I’m on the outside
Looking inward
These impenetrable walls restrain me
I could tear them down
But I’m afraid
Of what is on the other side

It’s not my intention
To covet attention
At least no more than I’m due

But you turned your back
And left me in the black
With nothing I could cling to

Was it too much to ask
Such an abhorrent task
To simply acknowledge me?

Some small recognition
To raze this partition
That makes me feel so empty


I’m at the point I might break
Alone and displaced
An unwelcome nobody

I’m a vessel adrift
Traversing the rift
Consumed by an angry sea


Pushed aside by the crowd
And I’m screaming out loud
Until my voice is raw

But I won’t go away
From this perverse ballet
As long as I’ve breath to draw



Havoc from down below
The desolation undertow
Dragging me down with it
Don’t turn away

I’m reaching for the light
That tears a passage through the night
Breaking the dark in two
Don’t turn away

Don’t turn away
Don’t turn away
Don’t turn away
Don’t turn away

I’m all alone
Matter and shadow
In the darkflow
Treading deep waters
Searching for the shore
Waiting for the dawn to come

My head is thundering
With situations unforeseen
I’m running far away
Don’t bring me back

Dragged down by gravity
Drowning in memory
This isn’t what I want
Don’t bring me back

Don’t bring me back
Don’t bring me back
Don’t bring me back
Don’t bring me back


Bleeding across the sky
A purpose that’s gone awry
A dubious reckoning
Don’t fade away

Standing on solid ground
Swimming inside the sound
Punishing certainty
Don’t fade away



Inside the beige expanse
Between the two extremes
Reality begins to flicker

A wall with no detail
A face with no expression
A gun with a missing trigger

No anger or despair
No ecstasy or bliss
Just a husk left with no feeling

Shambling through life
In non-descript surroundings
A soul that’s worth concealing

No ups
No downs
Emotion gone
No blood
No soul

Emotionally inert
Sporadically alert
The drone of the world is numbing

The traffic howls outside
The rumble of machines
Seem to warn of what is coming

The pressure starts to build
While the surface is pristine
There’s no sign of doom impending

But cracks begin to form
An aperture in bloom
A threshold to somber endings


Distant and detached
Impassive and aloof
The bullets start to rip through the building

Splinters taking flight
Through nebulas of smoke
And the cries of the unwilling

Emotion overwhelms
A hurricane of fear
A moment of realization

The monster hid inside
Until it couldn’t sleep
A disastrous abomination


The Other side of the Wall

A crippling anxiety
A chasm between you and me
That I wish wasn’t there

There are things that I would like to say to you
I’m so afraid you’d disapprove
If you would even care

You’re on the other side of the wall from me
But I can hear you crying
I’m on the other side of the wall from you
And a piece of me is dying

Sometimes it all seems well within my reach
If only I could dare to breach
The barriers that stand

But then I start to doubt instead
Perhaps it’s all just in my head
And my will dissolves like sand


To wish for things impossible
Against the insurmountable
May seem a dream for fools

But drowning in uncertainty
For countless more eternities
Is equally as cruel


Talk Me Down

Calm this raging sea
That churns and boils deep inside of me
Quell the hungry fire
That threatens to engulf me

Love, deliver me
From disastrous sobriety
I have lost my way
And I’m looking for a beacon

Out of fate’s control
As the winds will howl and the waves wills roll
Overwhelming me
In its elemental fury

I’m crashing on your shore
With my arms outstretched and my body worn
I just want relief
Before it overtakes me

Talk me down
I’m on the edge and peering over
Talk me down
I’m up too high and I don’t want to fall

Out from underneath
The tyranny of disbelief
Clear the chaff away
Stir the cobwebs that have gathered

I turn to look around
And you’re shattered lying on the ground
I reach out my hands
To gather up the pieces


Calm this raging sea
And I’ll carry you as you carried me
Through the hungry fire
Untied, yet entwined

Find another place to sow your seed
All this land is dry
And the soil no longer fertile



To give completely
From within yourself
To treat compassion
As the truest form of wealth

No small adjustment
For the average soul
To give yourself away
In order to be whole

To trust completely
With an open heart
To risk the wounds
Of having it all fall apart

Seems paralyzing
With implicit risk
But the packaging
Is not what makes the gift

It isn’t weakness
It isn’t frailty
It’s being human
And it’s sustaining

To love completely
And utterly
To give yourself away
So unselfconsciously

Is altruism
In its purest form
A kind of otherness
From which ego is torn


Rain Falls Down

As we live, so shall we die
Suspended by a fragile thread
That wears with every passing moment
A certainty best left unsaid

Rain falls down

As we sleep, so shall we wake
The shocking clarity revealed
As if a veil was somehow lifted
Disclosing what it once concealed


As we rise, so must we fall
Like gravity, fate reigns us in
The story always ends the same
Over before it can begin


God is a Strangely Absent Father

Depend on me
And I will let you down
You’d think you’d have learned by now

In your hour of need
I’m nowhere to be found
And while you bleed
I’m indifferent

God is a strangely absent father
His back is turned perpetually
All the orphaned sons and daughters
Abide in their suffering

Cry out to me
And I won’t hear a thing
My door is closed
And I’m not listening

When troubles come
You’ll be on your own
Divided from
Some saintly guidance


Believe in me
It won’t make me exist
No matter how
That rumor may persist

Your Kingdom is
The earth on which you walk
Reap your reward
Before its too late



My friend, I think you’ve lost your mind
The things you say don’t make much sense
All the things you’ve left behind
The change in you has been immense

Stumbling into the evening
Dragging a chain of your regrets behind you
Reckless, distorted, and feckless
Building an image the whole world can see through

My friend, I think you’ve gone insane
Too many years of blind excess
A testament of hurt and pain
Memories you tried to suppress


My friend, I just wish you the best
But I’m afraid I fear the worst
I hope you turn your life around
I hope the damage is reversed