Contempt Lyrics


We are born of stone
And etched by wind
Cast aside to live or die
We are the pawns in our own game

Like refugees
Of silent wars
We step on ever-shifting ground
Promoting what we undermine

For countless days
We walked alone
Directionless and vulnerable
Sitting targets wearing smiles

No one of us will go unscathed
By private battles we have braved
A vicious circle we have built
Constructed from our shame and guilt

The flags we wave
Are set afire
To warm the bones of infant dreams
Even as our present is set ablaze

The tinderbox
We sit upon
Decays in churning mists of fog
And crumbles down into the sea


We lie embraced
In the arms of dawn
The fading echoes of pointless time
Statuettes of Ignorance

And even as
The clock hand sweeps
We pay no mind to where we are
Surely we're not allowed to die



I am merely debris
Scattered along the ground

A man in a cage
An explosion without a sound

By the deafening din
Crumbling into dust

Watching me drown
Choking on my disgust

And when I surface again
I will not breathe the same air as you
And once my enemies are slain
My lungs will drink the liquid sky

Drawing me deep
Pulling me underneath

For the distant terrain
Struggling just to breathe

A story untold
A disaster that could have been

A precursor perhaps
To the cruelest collapse
A sign that I should have seen


The smothering blue
Falling into the sky

For whatever its worth
If only just to defy

With little concern
Feasting upon my prey

Expediting the end
Of everything in my way



The morning broke with eerie silence
The ground beneath us cracked and dry
Too self-absorbed to even notice
The cracks that formed up in the sky

Open reception
Forceful rejection
dreaming and waking
the process is taking too long

Take what we need at our convenience
Another quick means to an end
Too busy thinking of excuses
For a practice we cannot defend

Collapsing under its own weight
The sky burns out
As we kiss oblivion
Upon its toothy mouth

Your well-being does not concern us
Any worries you must keep inside
Do as we're told without a reason
We never bother to ask why


We walk upon the fields of fire
The smoldering bodies of our dead
Our self-absorption is the reason
It's the gun we point to our own heads



I haven't felt so alive in years
The sun is shining down on me
My eyes are welling up with tears
Tears of joy, tears of ecstasy

Emotions I once kept concealed
Now flow freely like a river
Life's great mysteries revealed
Love's great promised delivered

I hate my life I want to die
I was just pretending all this time
A mask I wear so I don't bare
My soul to the cold, harsh world out there
Try to prevail but only fail
Each time on a grander and grander scale
My life is worthless and so am I
I hate my life I want to die

The landscape rises to meet my feet
The sky descends to fill my arms
For once I finally feel complete
For once I know I can't be harmed

All I know is light and love
I feel that I could live forever
While others' troubles seem to grow
I have no problems whatsoever


The epiphany that came to fall
Finally helped me reconcile
What I felt wasn't joy at all
All this time it was just denial



So here I stand
Completely alone
My skin absorbs the rain

Helpless to control
Pieces within the whole
I can feel it starting again

A sudden descent
I never meant
To manifest itself

Caught unaware
In frozen air
By visions sent in stealth

How far I've fallen
Dancing in the ruins of Purgatory
My time is borrowed
But still I waste away

I've seen your eyes
Search desperate skies
For meaning they can't find

Succumbed to fate's
Unsteady gait
And found it too unkind

Plunge through the depths
Of what you let
Control you for too long

Life's fickle hand
Dealt reprimands
You prayed for all along


Watch the world pass
Through broken glass
And wonder what went wrong

Monuments fall
On shattered walls
We once thought were so strong

Our false beliefs
Are merely thieves
That steal our precious time

And off they flee
In symmetry
Never punished for their crimes



Why are you frightened?
So quiet
I can barely hear your lies

Was it too hard for you
To simply tell the truth?
You are despised

Your mask is fading
Your weakness showing
Your fatal flaw

Do your thoughts haunt you
In silent darkness
Before your fall?

The cracks in you are starting to show
You will break before you bend
Get ready for your all time low
You will get yours in the end

Why are you crying?
So you feel empty
For what you've done?

Do your pills help you
To see more clearly
What you've become?


Cry me a river
Cry me a river

You cannot break me
For through your weakness
I grow strong

You can never win
Because in the end
You know you're wrong



I read your mind
But it wasn't a very interesting read
The plot was contrived
And the characters were too consumed by need

Page by page
Enduring each predictable turn
The paper dissolves beneath my fingers
And the syllables burn

The fairy tale you sell is a lie
But I read the truth behind your eyes
These words just don't ring true
And tell me all I need to know about you

Edit and revise
Until your conscience was cleared
I tried to read the words that were true
But the ink had smeared

Distorted prose
Penetrating layer by layer
Scrawled down for all the world to see
As if anyone would care


I read your mind
Suffered through every last detail
I watched you try to make sense of your life
And I watched you fail



The first day
I felt changed
I felt removed and broken
Over man
Over God
But weak by the same token

Has dissolved
A soulless apparition
Loss of choice
Lost my voice
Condemned and then conditioned

I turn my eyes up to the sun
And stare ahead as if there's none
Mere cinders where my eyes had been
Forced to forget the things I've seen

My limbs move
Without will
My thoughts without emotion
Of my cause
But with complete devotion
I'm sent forth
To collect
Another bitter harvest
A cruel trial
To find out
Who they can push the farthest


Mowing down
Rows and rows
Like waves of flesh, blood, and bone
Staring blank
Into space
No sign of life on my face
Empty man
With a gun
What on earth have you done?
On your knees
On your knees
For the land of the free


Never Forgive

It never felt so real
Never so visceral
But now it's all too clear
And all too typical

You're left with nothing
And it's all your fault
Relations cease
And emotions halt

Did you think the things you said
Wouldn't get back to me?
That I'd fall and disperse
Beneath you misery

I won't waste my time
You can suffer alone
Crying your shrill litany
In endless drones

Rain down
Tears of regret
You haven't seen the worst of it yet
Your name
A foul epithet
Never forgive... never forget

I offered you something
You can never regain
But now all I can offer you
is total disdain

And this is how you pay me back
for all those times
I listened to you
and forgave all your crimes

If lies about me
Are the best you can do
I guess I must've
Overestimated you

Paint cruelty on me
But its all the same
No one believes someone
In your mindframe


The light of day
Was never kind to you
But the darkness is worse
When the day is through

Time to reflect
On all your misdeeds
And sob your sorry self
To sleep


7 Days

7 days
I'll never leave this house again
7 days
I'll never leave this house again

7 days
I'll never leave this room again
7 days
I'll never leave this room again

7 days
I'll never leave this house again
7 days
I'll never leave this house again