Early, Rare, & Unreleased Volume 2 Lyrics

Beneath the Silence (1989)

A side of you nobody knew
Seems to have reared its ugly head
A darker truth you hid so well
Revealed in the words we read

All these years, the face you showed
Was a mask that hid away
The monster underneath it all
Stuck inside a twisted game

Waves of destruction and shattered lives
Strewn around you at your feet
Your callous actions, a legacy
From which you can't soon retreat

You had to know that the day would come
When the truth would be revealed
The world would see you for what you are
And all the shame you had concealed

What lies beneath the silence?
The steady hum of violence
What lies beneath the silence?
The steady hum of violence

The time has come to pay the price
For the awful wrath you showed
To people you had claimed to love
At the same time their blood flowed

No mercy to show to you
When you lacked so much yourself
A bleak future awaits you now
And the depths to which you fell


Graverobber (1992)

Night falls with black wings
He crawls out of bed
Gets dressed and takes off
To sing to the dead

Oh graverobber, oh graverobber
Oh graverobber, oh graverobber

In the night air his breath steams
He wanders like he's lost
Silently digs in frozen ground
Hardened by frost

Prying eyes watch from afar
As he claws at the ground
Insanity rains from the sky
On the prize he has found


He climbs in with his sleeping friend
He cradles its head
Presses lips on decaying skin
And sucks the souls from the dead

The robber of graves has no regrets
For what he knows he must do
Some day he knows someone else
Will rob his grave too


Black Day (1988)

Trapped in a room
All by yourself
See how it feels
To have no one else

Feelings of bitterness
Feelings of hate
Slowly take root
Deep inside your brain

There is no reason 
For feeling this way
Yet these emotions
Grow stronger each day

Wish it would stop
Wish for an escape
From the things that left you
Bloodied, exhausted, and raped

What a sad day
What a sad day in your life
What a black day
Just when it all started going right

Which way to turn
Which way to run
Alcohol, pills
Razors, and guns

Nothing gets better
It only gets worse
In the shadowplay
There's no time to rehearse

"I've got to get help"
You think to yourself
"Before I hurt someone,
Before I hurt myself"

But no one will listen
To your voice on the phone
They say they've all got
Problems of their own


One rainy night
You took your life
By stabbing yourself
In the heart with a knife

It took a long time
But when you were through
The people who wouldn't help you
Felt sorry for you

It just goes to show you
People are strange
Some can't adjust
When their lives re-arrange

But now that you're dead
You can't come back
And from now on
Every day will be black


Relationshit (1991)

I'm having a problem with words to desribe
The angry emotions I'm feeling inside
My insides are burning, my brain is on fire
You pushed me and taunted me you stupid, useless liar

You lied to me
Now your heart bleeds
It's too late now
(Too late for)

No one likes being hurt and that includes me
But I guess you didn't know that when you did this to me
You think it's funny to talk like you do
We'll see how funny it is when you taste my shoe


A little lie is not enough to cause this much strife
But it's quite a different matter when that lie's your life
It's much too late now to make this all well
So you can just stop trying and go straight to hell


From Darkness Comes Light (1992)

Inside every color is a blackness deep and wide
Inside every mother is someone who resents her child
In the soul of every saint is a sinner bound for hell
Within the deepest beauty is the power to repel

There's a side of me you never knew
And now that side is showing through
Something in you brought it out in me
And now you've set my dark side free

Behind the brightest sunshine is the biggest, blackest cloud
Inside every silence is a scream that echoes loud
Within every lover comes the ability to hate
Behind the open doorway is a heavy, iron gate


Beneath every flower is the dirt that makes it grow
In every dying star is energy that makes it glow
Inside every person are the guts that let it live
Inside every miser is a soul wishing to give


Mary Behind the Counter (1994)

Mary behind the counter
Looking sad, looking solemn
Serious, soft-spoken
Has friends, but never calls them

Mary behind the counter
Says the end is coming soon now
There's no room for the sinners
That I should understand now

I need to be a better man
But don't change slowly, don't change slowly

She said, The Good Lord's ways
Are wonderful and strange
Can I have a moment of your time?
 I promise you it'll change your life.

I  said, Don't you try to tell me, dear.
That God is something I shoud fear
I didn't come to hear your religious views
Now that's enough, be gone with you.

Mary behind the counter 
Apprehends me as I'm leaving
Crying on my shoulder
Telling me she isn't teasing

I just frown and walk out the door
Across the dusty wooden floor 
And make a mental note
Not to come here anymore


Alone (1992)

Tonight I'll rise above all this pain
Alone I sit and alone I shall remain
Intrusive thoughts of this won't let me sleep
But my sanity is all that's left to keep

I feel alone, I feel alone
I feel alone, I feel alone

Solitude can bring an inner peace
But its stifling grip on me just won't release
I'm still here through no fault of my own
But I'm worried I can't fight this off alone

It's drowning me in thoughts of shame
My brain is numb, my limbs are lame
I want so bad, but I can't break free
This loneliness is killing me, yeah


Psychotic (1995)