News - 10/7/13

Tom Shear Guests on New iVardensphere Album
November 12th will see the release of "The Methusalah Tree", the latest release from Vancouver's iVardensphere.  I was proud to contribute lyrics and vocals to the track "Society of Dogs" and to collaborate for the first time with vocalist Mari Kattman of Day Twelve.  The track came out fantastic and Mari's vocals take things to a whole new level. I'm very excited for everyone to hear it.

Two Upcoming Tom Shear DJ Gigs
I'll be spinning a couple DJ gigs in the month of November in Las Vegas and Seattle.  Here is the info:

• Saturday, November 16th - Las Vegas, NV @ The End Bunker Bar.  Doors @10.
• Friday, November 29th - Seattle, WA @ The Mercury.  Doors @9.

New Live Dates for Assemblage 23
I'm happy to announce the first of the live shows we'll be playing in 2014.  Here is the info:

• Saturday, February 1st - Toronto, ON, Canada @ The Opera House. 
• Friday, April 19th - Sunday, April 20th - Sheffield, UK @ The Corporation.
• Monday, April 21st - Berlin, Germany @ K17.
• Friday, April 25th - Sunday, April 27th - Dark Munich Festival - Munich, Germany.

"Bruderschaft's 'Return' Finally Has a Release Date!
I first recorded the vocals for Bruderschaft's follow-up to "Forever" entitled "Return" way back in 2004, right around the time I was finishing up work on Assemblage 23's "Storm".  After numerous delays, I am happy to say the release has expanded into a full-length with many other awesome guest vocalists and finally has a release date.  Contains a new version of "Forever" with vocals by yours truly as well.  Reserve your copy now!

Tom Shear Completes Two Mixing Projects
Work wrapped up a couple weeks ago on mixing down an EP for Where the Sun is Silent, the new project from backandtotheleft's Robert RisCassi and vocalist Share Terpening (Trotski's Blok), as well as an album for Watch Clark, the new project from Static Engine's Paul Furio.

And Finally, Some Info on Surveillance!

It's been awhile since I've had any updates on the upcoming debut release from my new side project Surveillance, so here is a heap of information!

•  The album's title is Oceania, a reference to George Orwell's classic novel "1984".  As may be becoming clearer now, the album is rife with dystopian themes in the emerging surveillance society the world is evolving into.
•  Above is your first peak at the artwork done by the lovely and talented Sam Pfannkuche.
•  If you're on Facebook, please "like" the new Surveillance Fan Page.
•  While the song order has yet to be determined, the album will consist of 10 tracks with the following titles:  I Was There, Corridor, Rise, Husk, Homeland Security, Voyeur, Eye to Eye, Thoughtcrime, Belief, and Panic.
•  The sound of the album runs all over the place from pitch black dark synth-pop to aggressive old school EBM. It's an album that has one foot in the past, and one firmly planted in the future.  Definitely the most "analog" album I've done, and I found myself reaching for retro production techniques here and there to evoke the era of the Cold War.  There are elements of Assemblage 23 to be found as well, but overall, the feeling of this album is much different.  
•  Now the bad news.  I had orginally set a goal of having the album released on October 15th.  As happens with many crowd-funded projects, however, I underestimated the amount of time I needed a bit.  So right now, I'm aiming to get it out in mid to late November.  I apologize for the added wait, but hopefully you'll agree that spending a little extra time to get things right will be worth the wait in the long run.  At this point, most of the music is recorded and all that remains is some vocal recording, a few lyrics, and some mixing.