News 12/4/16

Thank You!
First of all, an overdue thank you to everyone who came out to support us on our US Tour in September and October. It was by far the most successful tour we've ever had and we owe it all to you. Your enthusiasm and support mean more than you can possibly know. I hope to be able to announce the first dates booked for 2017 soon. [Hint: we'll see you soon, Mexico and Europe!]

The Vinyl Has Arrived
Well, better late than never! We had originally planned on having the vinyl in October. Unfortunately, the original pressing plant we were working with kept missing the deadline over and over due to demand, incompetence or some combination thereof. I will open up orders on the Assemblage 23 Online Store as soon as I finish mailing out the perks from the Indiegogo campaign. Speaking of which...

Update on the Indiegogo Campaign Perks
Time for a long overdue update! I am most of the way through mailing the perks out at this point. Here is what remains to be shipped: 

• I'm about half way through sending out the "Deluxe CD, T-shirt, and Worker Shirt" perks. I anticipate having these all mailed out within the next week or so. 

• The "Vinyl Copy of the Album" and "Deluxe CD, Vinyl, T-shirt, and Worker Shirt" will mail out next

• I have started doing the guest remixes and will contact those bidders as I complete each one to move on to the next. 

• I'll also be contacting the guest vocal bidders in the coming weeks, but I am temporarily unable to record vocals at the moment, so this might take me a bit longer. 

• I will also be contacting the Skype call bidders in the next week or so. 

If you bid on one of the already shipped perks, but have not received your perk, please contact me at so I can make sure you're taken care of. Again, I owe you all an apology for how long this has taken me. We are, at least, now at the end of the huge list of bidders, so everyone should have their swag very soon!

Assemblage 23 Online Store Back Online
So, after a long delay, the Assemblage 23 Online Store is back online with the full range of A23 merchandise available, including a limited amount of Endure Tour t-shirts.