News 2/25/16

Update on the New Album

Hello, everyone! We’re long past due for an update, and I apologize for that. I’ve had my head down to the grindstone and have been plugging away in the studio. So, here’s the latest. The good news is, we have a release date! The not as good news, is it’s going to be a bit later than expected – August 28th. This album will be released by Metropolis Records in both the US and Europe. Artwork will be by Sam Pfannkuche, who also did the Surveillance "Oceania" and "Oceania Remixed" covers. 

So, why the delay? Well, aside from the fact that things are simply taking longer than I had expected (same thing happened with the Surveillance album), I took a look at the rather long list of bands touring in the spring and decided a fall tour made more sense. Given that we are planning a whole new stage show, I also wanted to give myself time to put that together and fulfill all your pre-orders before the tour starts. Finally, doing the tour close to the release date will allow us to gain a little promotional momentum, hopefully. 

I’ve received questions regarding when certain perks will be fulfilled, particularly ones like remixes and guest vocals. I plan to work on the album until the end of April, and sometime thereafter, it will be feasible for me to start working on those. When I’m ready to roll, I’ll start contacting those perk holders. It is also around this time that I will be contacting those of you who had perks that included shirts to get your sizing information.  So please make sure your email information if current! 

For those of you who didn't have a chance to get in on the Indiegogo Campaign, no worries. Pre-orders via the Assemblage 23 Online Store will open up on August 1st.

Finally, I am happy to say we will be debuting one of the new tracks at the E-werk and E-tropolis festivals in Germany next week. Anyway, that’s the latest. The new material is sounding great and I really can’t wait to share it with you!