News 4/3/15

Sale on All Assemblage 23 CD's
Because it's one of two months that can abbreviate a date as "A 23" (April 23rd), I'm having a sale on all Assemblage 23 CDs through the Assemblage 23 Online Store.  For the entire month of April, all Assemblage 23 CDs are only $10!

Free Bank of Assemblage 23 Sounds for the Access Virus
A few years back, I released a free bank of sounds for the Access Virus (B and above) of sounds I had used on various Assemblage 23 songs. The place I had them hosted is gone now and I've had a lot of people ask me about them since then. So I figured the best place to put them was on the website for my soundware company Waveformless Soundware. So if you've been looking for those sounds, you can now grab them here:

Trailer for "V.Next" Cyberpunk Video Game with Tom Shear Soundtrack
SyncBuildRun has announced "V.Next", an episodic cyberpunk thriller for Mac and PC.  I've been working on the soundtrack, and you can hear one of the pieces in the preview trailer here:    The game is scheduled to be released at the end of 2015.