News 9/21/12

 Tour Updates: A Cancellation, and Some Additions
It's hard to believe, but the Assemblage 23 US Tour begins a week from today.  We're amped up and ready to hit the road, but some changes to the schedule first.  First, we regret to announce that the El Paso has been cancelled due to circumstances outside of our control.  Fortunately, we've added some shows as well.  The first of these is not an A23 show per se, but yours truly doing a DJ set at Ft. Lauderdale's Green Room on Friday, October 19th.  The second addition is Assemblage 23's first ever performance in Honolulu, Hawaii @ the Soho Mixed Media Bar on Friday, November 23rd.  We hope everyone is getting as excited as we are for this tour and hope to see lots of familiar faces and some newones as well.