Spark Maxi-single Lyrics



For how much longer must I bleed
Into the soil before I see
The one who holds the blade is me?

For how much longer must I stand
On destiny’s uncertain sands
Before I find stability?

One spark among the embers
One voice against surrender
One dream that’s worth defending
One love that’s never-ending

Ignore the underlying cause
Among a thousand last hurrahs
Where every promise is a lie

Externalize the blame for now
The voice of reason disavowed
A slave to all that I decried


I wear a stranger’s face
Not so different from my own
All the steps that I retraced
Left me wounded and alone

For how much longer must I burn
Until I’m able to discern
The root of all this suffering?

For how much longer must I flee
These harsh responsibilities
For the sinking rock to which I cling?


The Poison Moon

The flashbulb blind
The siren blare
a palpable tension
Like a vulture circling in air

The shivering hours
Unanswered fate
Inquiring the liar
The body lay just out of reach

I still recall the poison moon
That burned up in the sky that night
Peering down as if to say
"This all means nothing"
As obvious as midday sun
Regret hung heavy in the air
Reaching out as if to say
"This must mean something"

Uneasy words
Weighed down by fear
Met with emotional riot
And motives unclear

The trusting heart
No longer beats
Arrested by anger
Drowned out by the hum of the street


Daylight revealed
The frosted dawn
The city awakened
Its dim eyes and grimly went on

And all around
Nobody knew
A story with no one to hear it
Has little value