Storm Lyrics



There have been times throughout my life
When I fell so far
I thought I'd never stand again
I watched my dreams depart

These aberrations had their place
In the grand design
But it's unnatural to feel
So bitter and resigned

Forgive me my mistakes
I'm only human
I bleed just like you
From time to time
So why can't I convince you
I'll be fine?

Ignore the writing on the wall
It just decorates
A place that I have lived so long:
Delusion's vast estates

There's nothing sinister at all
Gnawing at my soul
But these confessions that I give
Help me feel in control


No absolution comes for free
And it never will
And those among us without sin
Are even rarer still

If imperfection is the lens
That you see me through
Don't be surprised if someday soon
That lens stares back at you



Identity sometimes seems fleeting
An ever-changing tapestry
But at it's heart is the foundation
The very essence of our being

Shed your skin
Cast off your chains
Feel the sun upon your face for once
And wash away the pain
Shed your skin
Be who you are
Unencumbered by the weight
Of hiding every little scar

At times the self seems in transition
A mere projection on a screen
But what happens when you turn the lights on
And things are not as they once seemed?


Who we are is always changing
A never-ending course of growth
But deep inside there is a pillar
Deep inside there is a soul



Be still
Though chaos rains around you now
Only so much rain can fall at once
Breathe in
And let the air envelope you
And slow but sure, serenity will come

Close your eyes
Try to breathe
Feel the ground beneath your feet
It's still there
The world still turns around

Stand up
Though circumstance has knocked you down
There is nothing gained by staying within it's reach

Take strength
In every failure you endure
Our mistakes have many lessons they can teach


These walls you've built around yourself
You can't take another step until they're gone

Move out
No use in dwelling in the past
Bid farewell to all your fears and carry on


Let the Wind Erase Me

Attenuate the light of day
So I can see the lines and details
And not the hazy, plastic blur
That floods my eyes till I can't see

Let the wind erase me
Like the memory of a kiss
Let these waters take me
Away from all of this

I long for anonymity
To wipe the features from my face
One single moment of escape
Then I can wake myself again


I need a respite from this noise
The distant roar of static oceans
Give me a haven from this bedlam
And let my senses rust away



Like a grain of sand
Swallowed by the desert
Like a drop of rain
That falls from darkened clouds

I am overwhelmed
I stand here awed and humbled
At the feet of giants
Whose shadows stretch for miles

Staggering and infinite
And full of ageless grace
The universe seemed limitless
Without any time
Without any place
Staggering and infinite
The beauty of it all
I feel insignificant
Never have I ever felt so small

Like a century
That passes in a day's time
Like an endless loop
That shudders to a stop

The world redefined
An existence without boundaries
I am overcome
I am lost within it's scale


Like a drop of rain
Swallowed by the desert
Like a grain of sand
That sinks beneath the waves

Even the greatest peak
Will one day wear to nothing
Even the deepest sea
Will one day dry to dust



You're growing complacent
You forgot what it all meant
And chose the path of convenience

The road you took to where you're standing now
Was fraught with obstacles that tore you down
They made you drown

The path of least resistance called your name
A status quo you tried hard to maintain
But it wasn't the same

Sweet denial, take your leave
You must have others to deceive
I'm so tired of drifting backwards standing still
So throw the towel in, if you must
Give up hope and give up trust
And I promise you'll drift backwards standing still

Something changed in you when you gave up
When you decided that you had tried enough
The price was too much

The inconsistencies seemed plain to see
A swift departure from reality
How blind can you be?


Sung to sleep by sycophantic choirs
You preferred the company of liars
Who made you feel admired

But one by one they turned their backs on you
The ranks of your detractors grew and grew
When they learned the truth


You Haven't Earned It

You crave attention
As if it's due to you
You want permission
To behave as badly as you do

You want respect, but
You don't act respectable
You want fame to fill the void
Where you once had a soul

But you haven't earned it
You haven't walked long enough in these shoes
You don't deserve it
You haven't nearly paid your dues

It's so pathetic
This image you portray
Shatters like crystal
And slowly fades away

You want the world's eyes
You need the accolades
You want the money
And all the empty praise


When it's all over
What will you have left?
You'll still be incomplete
Forgotten and depressed

You want acceptance
It's all you wanted all along
You want forgiveness
From those who you have wronged



Some time ago I checked my conscience
And found it wasn't all that clean
A trail of people I had hurt
A sea of sins left unredeemed

Regret is a dull and rusted blade
That covers me with scars that never fade
These wounds, like a catalog of flaws
Serve to remind me of all the pain I've caused

So I resolved to make amends
To heal the damage I had done
But I could never stop the torrent
Of those regrets still yet to come


This bitter sadness overwhelms me
And mires me down with velvet arms
It's time for me to face the music
It's time to undo all this harm



A riot of indecision
A monument to shame
A walking contradiction
Unwilling to take blame

You'll fall apart
Before all this is through
You'll let the pressure
Get the best of you
Drowning in your shame
Grasping at the air
Make your denials
But you know it in your heart
You'll fall apart

An infant in adult's clothing
A lamb among the lions
A portrait of dependence
And a total waste of time


The zenith of ignorance
Total lack of intellect
A tribute to dysfunction
The end of self-respect


30,000 Feet

Hello, if you're there pick up the phone
I'm calling from 30,000 feet above you
The captain's just informed us that our plane is going down
So I'm calling for one last time to say I love you

I'm not certain how much time I may have left, so I'll be brief
I'm sorry if this message only amplifies your grief
But I couldn't bear the burden of never having said goodbye
And the pain you feel, I promise you, will go away with time

I'm sorry I won't be there to see our children grow
Please tell them that I loved them more than they will ever know
Tell my family and friends how much I loved them all as well
I"m sure that we will meet again, but only time will tell

I'm sorry most of all I won't be there when you grow old
To be there by your side and keep you warm when you are cold
Forgive me, but I think my time is drawing to a close
So I've one last thing to tell you now before I have to go