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THD made their mark on the scene in the mid to late 90's via a number of very highly regarded album and EP releases through Cleopatra, Pendragon, and Hard Records. They mixed a highly technical sound with a gritty, lo-fi aesthetic dominated by crusty drum loops and layer upon layer of vintage analog synths. The duo disbanded when work forced singer/programmer Shawn Rudiman to move across state. It was at this time that he began to take interest in the Detroit techno scene and ended up releasing several techno-oriented releases under his own name.

Many years later, Rudiman and old friend Tom Shear met up during an Assemblage 23 tour. Rudiman gave Shear a CD full of material he'd been working on in various styles - including new THD tracks. Shear liked what he heard and offered to release it on 23db. The result was Subconscious Drip, a free 10-track EP (download it here) and the full-length The Evolution of Our Decay.

The new material picked up where THD left off, but with a much more developed and assured sound. The grimey urban element was still there in droves, but the sense of melody and song structure was many times more mature. Rudiman has also never sounded so confident as a singer. All together, the elements combine to create a feel perfectly matched to the dystopian themes throughout.